Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, You Know the One Where...? is a blog and podcast by Stephanie. Her posts explore true crime stories and her reactions to true crime media followed by famous last words, interesting epitaphs, creepy fun facts, and much more! She created the podcast and blog because she is constantly annoying people with her “Hey, have you heard the one where... creepy xyz?”She is a friendless loner who loves the weird and unusual but has nobody to share her interests with...but here you are... Thanks and I’m sorry...

... He was "Recovered"

This week Stevie tells one of her most memorable true crime cases that she swears nobody has heard of. Stevie remembers this case from the first time she ever heard it and when the idea of this podcast came to her she knew she needed to cover this case. It is the story of Charlie Brandt. This case is such an insane story and is very underreported. This case is so heartbreaking… the wonderful women in this episode were taken away from this world in a horrifying manner by an invisible killer.

Stephanie listens intently and is super astounded at Stevie’s wonderful story telling ability. In this episode you can expect Stevie to say “very” about 50 times and the audio quality is bar none the best we have ever heard! (If you cannot sense the sarcasm just know that we realize that the sound quality is terrible but just know Stevie spent about 2 weeks, probably totaling 24 hours, making it sound better… so if you think this version is bad just think about what the original sounded like… shit…). Anywho, please keep your limbs in the proximity of the podcast for your own safety. We are sorry for all of this.

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... Yaser, No Sir, You Really Suck Sir

... It's Drew, Not Scott