Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, You Know the One Where...? is a blog and podcast by Stephanie. Her posts explore true crime stories and her reactions to true crime media followed by famous last words, interesting epitaphs, creepy fun facts, and much more! She created the podcast and blog because she is constantly annoying people with her “Hey, have you heard the one where... creepy xyz?”She is a friendless loner who loves the weird and unusual but has nobody to share her interests with...but here you are... Thanks and I’m sorry...

... Is a Story Told Thrice, Thrice as Nice...?

Well everyone… Stevie and Stephanie are doing their first reactionary episode… get stoked!! After recording the Al Benitez and Elizabeth Reynolds episode Stephanie and Stevie realized there was an I Survived similar to this story… Stephanie swore it was the same story but Stevie knew that the other story was way too different to be the same… Stephanie told Stevie to look it up and to their surprise they were both right… listen to this episode to find out more about this interesting saga…

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